Author Jason William Karpf Featured in MTL Magazine

MTL Magazine interviews Jason William Karpf, author of Brimstone 1. Learn about Jason’s writing process and read the announcement of his next novel, The Deliverer.

Marketing Award from Christian Authors Network

Author Jason William Karpf has earned the bronze in the 2021 Excellence in Marketing Awards from Christian Authors Network for the marketing campaign for Brimstone 1. Click below to view the virtual awards ceremony and hear about the campaign.

Aryn’s List: Best Christian Books to Read

(Originally appeared on Aryn’s List) Brimstone 1: is a fun story. It’s a secret race to space, to meet an incoming alien artifact, sent in response to scripture being broadcast into space. There’s enough mystery that you’re a good way through before you really know who’s ‘good’ and who isn’t. There’s a hint of romance,Continue reading “Aryn’s List: Best Christian Books to Read”

How a Christian Sci-Fi Author Relies on Women Heroes—Fictional and Real—to Propel His New Novel

(Originally published in Woman of Noble Character) When I began writing Brimstone 1, I came to two important conclusions. The pilot would be a woman, and she would be the best in her field, a status only reachable after many years of achievement. These character requirements intersect in Jana McAlister, age 48. Per historic precedent, sheContinue reading “How a Christian Sci-Fi Author Relies on Women Heroes—Fictional and Real—to Propel His New Novel”

Ashes—An Appreciation

(Originally Posted on Diary of a Soul Satisfied) Guest Post By Jason William Karpf  Isaiah 61:3 NLT  To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORDContinue reading “Ashes—An Appreciation”

My Screenwriter Mom Introduced Me to Fantastic Sci-Fi in the 1960s

(Originally Published on Grandfather Jason William Karpf remembers his mother, Elinor Karpf, sharing cinematic fare like “Planet of the Apes” and “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Jason William Karpf on Feb 25, 2021 I stood in Times Square, gazing at the Empire State Building mere blocks away. The year was 1968. This was the closest I’dContinue reading “My Screenwriter Mom Introduced Me to Fantastic Sci-Fi in the 1960s”

BARRIERS LOWERED by Jason William Karpf

(Originally posted on The Over 50 Writer) FEATURED BOOK:  Brimstone 1 AUTHOR:  Jason William Karpf PUBLISHER:  Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. GENRE:  Christian sci-fi SERIES OR STAND ALONE:  First of a trilogy TARGET AGE: late teens to seniors (readers who love the Lord and are fans of Twilight Zone and James Bond) IT IS MY PLEASURE TO WELCOME AUTHOR JASONContinue reading “BARRIERS LOWERED by Jason William Karpf”

“Book Reviews from an Avid Reader,” Joan Nienhuis

(Original post—Feb. 22, 2021) Brimstone 1 by Jason William Karpf Mankind has been trying to find evidence of life elsewhere in the universe for decades. In Karpf’s novel set a few years in the future, a Christian does exactly that. Starting some eighty years ago, Baxter Moore, founder of a Christian media empire, began sendingContinue reading ““Book Reviews from an Avid Reader,” Joan Nienhuis”

“How I Wrote a Christian Sci-Fi Novel” by Jason William Karpf

(Originally published on February 2016 at the Hollywood Bowl, my son, Brian, and I watched J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot as the L.A. Philharmonic played the score live. The music swelled in perfect synchronization when Capt. Kirk led Enterprise against the giant Romulan ship Narada. Phasers fired, the artificial black hole opened, and newContinue reading ““How I Wrote a Christian Sci-Fi Novel” by Jason William Karpf”