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Do your students love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars canon? Do your small group members fondly remember original episodes of The Twilight Zone and classic James Bond movies? Wish your flock would get so excited and entertained while learning Christian truths? Watch students from teens to grandparents blast off with the first Christian rocket—Brimstone 1.

Brimstone 1 is more than a Christ-centered sci-fi adventure. The book is a unique means to learn scriptural insights, literary techniques, historic events, and technological progress.

Author Jason William Karpf teaches for Christian universities across America. He has written a comprehensive study guide to accompany Brimstone 1, available at Amazon:

For each of the eighteen chapters, the study guide provides:

  • Synopsis
  • Five vocabulary words
  • Ten story questions
  • Seven scriptural questions
  • Five history/technology questions
  • Three project ideas

More than 500 exercises! Use as much or as little of the Brimstone 1 study guide as you want.

Author/Teacher Jason William Karpf is available for Zoom lectures to your class/group. Click here to book him!

Brimstone 1 is an excellent reading and study resource for:

  • Mature teens—high school-level readers studying popular literature and sci-fi classics like Fahrenheit 451, Lord of the Flies, and 1984.
  • College students—all levels reading popular literature and examining authors such as Tolkien and Lewis.
  • Adult bible study/small groups—any age, especially those studying from popular Christian media (e.g., using study guides for movies like Fireproof and War Room).

Homeschoolers may find all content useful. High schoolers and college students may concentrate on plot analysis or one specific category of questions (e.g., humanities students answering the history/technology questions). Small groups may focus on the scriptural questions. YOU shape the learning to your needs and interests.

NOTE: Brimstone 1 is a mature book with frequent action along with sexual situations—all depictions PG-13, similar to a typical Marvel movie. See study guide for specific content advisories.

Teach Christian truths in a new and exciting way. Buy Brimstone 1 the novel and the Brimstone 1 study guide, both written by Jason William Karpf—Christian, teacher, and fan of The Twilight Zone, James Bond, Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel Universe, etc.!

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