Wonders of the Galaxy featuring “Basilica Obscura”

My short story, “Basilica Obscura” is part of the anthology Wonders of the Galaxy, a Christian sci-fi anthology from Elk Lake Publishing. The first story description listed is for “Basilica Obscura.” Enjoy!



Inspired by biblical parables, these nine short stories set in the wonders of the galaxy are sure to delight and inspire …

… When a mothership carrying the solar system’s survivors malfunctions, teens from different factions must lead their people to their promised land, the planet Eden.

… After losing his fortune and his fleet, a renowned space pilot finds himself returning home to a planet run by the father he’s disowned. Will the father choose mercy or justice for his son?

… When earth’s greatest scientist pursues his dream of creating life on a new planet, he finds more than he could ever have dreamed of.

… Moena-P wants to uncover the truth–does the outer-galaxy planet called Kharis and its independence-granting king really exist …  or just rumors by the opposition?

… When a remote widow star system is threatened, only persistence and resilience can win over a wicked galactic arms dealer.

… Heartthrob Alex Powter trades in his superstar status for a secret agent when an unlikely group of rebels recruits him to save the galaxy.

…  As the sun enters its final phase, Garrett is faced with a choice—should he enter the portal and start over, or stay behind and join the resistance?

… Dax Mor, a poor Lezian farmer on a mission to provide for his family, will discover who his friends truly are in this journey among the stars.

… When an alien race arrives bent on using humans as reproductive hosts, Earth’s only hope rests in a group of eight experimental heroes.


We are a people of stories. Without exception, every culture and civilization has used story to entertain, teach, and instruct. Whether it be a cautionary tale to keep children from wandering too far into the woods, or an elaborate fiction to explain the formation of the magnificent landscape, story has been the way we connect to each other, how we promote societal values, and how we pass time.

Parables, especially, have a dual purpose. Not only do they keep us entertained. They also point out significant cultural understandings. Consider Aesop’s Fables—tales of anthropomorphic animals learning valuable lessons about life. But Jesus used parables, too. His audience was hungry for spiritual understandings, but they could not understand the spiritual principles at work. So, he did what every great teacher does: he leaned into the power of story. Using common characters and conflicts, he wove tales that illuminated significant spiritual principles in a way his audience could understand.

Collected for you here are several parables set in far-away galaxies, fascinating planets, and the coldest depths of space. Characters. Conflict. Enlightenment. Enjoy.


Published by Jason William Karpf

Author, Professor, Nonprofit Pro, Four-Time Jeopardy Champ

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