The Novel about the First Christian Rocket

If you love the Lord and you’re a fan of Twilight Zone and James Bond, blast off with the first Christian rocket—Brimstone 1!

Christianity’s greatest revelation in twenty centuries is coming from the heavens—in the belly of a spaceship marked for destruction!

The Brimstone 1 Files:


Learn about the first Christian rocket and read the dossiers of the fascinating characters behind the Brimstone 1 mission.

Meet the Author: Jason William Karpf

Learn about the author, Jason William Karpf, raised in Hollywood, serving the Lord as a storyteller and professor.

Study Guide for Christian Students and Small Groups

Learn how you can LEARN with Brimstone 1. A study guide is available to instruct mature teens, college students, and church small groups.

Billionaire Baxter Moore and his family have broadcast scripture into space for eighty years.

Now, a UFO heads to Earth in response. Brimstone 1—the first Christian rocket—will intercept.